Interesting Facts about VAPE

*Must be 19 years of age to purchase all tobacco products*

E-Cigarettes or Vaporizers don’t produce smoke like traditional Cigarettes but they produce VAPOUR.  Vapour is a healthy and wealthy alternative to smoking. The Wee Smoke Shop carries the top brands. The E liquids/E-Juice we carry are made in Canada, ECTA approved.

The popular brands we carry are, Pure  E-Liquid, Twelve Monkeys, Pure CBD, Cartel, and our very own The Wee Smoke Shop brand. 

Some Fun Facts about CBD

  • CBD is a great non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Cannabis has two main species of plants, Marijuana and Hemp.
  • Non-psychoactive basically just means that their are no mental effects or high associated with it.
  • CBD from Hemp contains zero THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in Marijuana known for its relaxation and high.
  • CBD can be great for people in pain of all sorts, anxiety, depression, siezures, and insomnia.
  • CBD can be applied in many forms such as a basic tincture, roll-on, vape e-liquid, spray, lotion, edible and herbal.
  • CBD has no addictive properties and has proven to help people with opioid addictions to stop taking opioids.
  • It is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in hemp plants, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.
  • Cannabidiol is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents such as pentane. At room temperature, it is a colorless crystalline solid. In strongly basic media and the presence of air, it is oxidized to a quinone. Under acidic conditions it cyclizes to THC. The synthesis of cannabidiol has been accomplished by several research groups.

Some Fun facts about smoking, e-cig and Vape

  • From 5000 BC to present people have been inhaling tobacco by lighting up their cigarette or swallowing it.
  • In 1970 the first non smoke cigarette was introduced.
  • In 2003 Mr. Han Lick a pharmacist in China invented a device later known as E-Cig.
  • E-Cig is an electronic device that consists of battery powered system which vaporizes the E- liquid/ E Juice into vapor without combustion.
  • In 2009 the portable battery powered Vaporizer came in to play.
  • Since the electronic cigarette also produces vapours, people started referring to the E-Cig as a Vaporizer.
  • A Person smoking a pack a day of premium cigarettes spends around $13/day where as a 10 ml bottle of e-Liquid costs around $7.00. A pack of cigarette is equal to 2 ml of e-liquid. So, a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid is equal to 5 packs of cigarettes.
  • E-Cig is made up of approximately three parts; (1) the battery (2) coil (heating element), and (3) filling tank which is used to store your desired flavour and strength of e-liquid.

Various components of E -Cig:

  • Re chargeable battery – Battery comes in different power level to power the atomiser, starting from 350mAH and going up to 500w (E=300mAh * 5V/1000 =1.5 WH).
  •  Atomiser (Tanks) to hold e-liquid- tanks come in different capacity, starting from 1.4ml and going up to 10 ml.
  • Coil – Coils in the atomiser are the heating element that turns the liquid into vapour. These come in different variations depending on what type of tank they are used in. Coils are measured with their resistance capacity. Coils of resistance from 0.15ohm to 2.0 ohm. Any coil less than 1.0 ohm is also known as sub ohm coil. Coils consist of cotton to soak e-liquid and piece of metal wire wrapper around the cotton. The metal wire can be made of steel, titanium, kanthal & nickel, depending on the resistance needed for the coil. Black band coils are made of kanthal wire, red band wires are made of titanium wire and blue band are made of nickel wire.
  • Charger –  These are used to charge the batteries of the e-cig. One port is the usb or Micro usb and the other is for wall adapter or other is also usb going to usb port of wall adapter.
  • E liquid – Also known as e-juice. E-liquid is composed of 2 food grade additives, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. It comes with or without nicotine for those who use E-cigarette as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Also this comes in various strengths depending on how much nicotine is required. 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 18mg/ml, 24mg/ml.

Brief History about Brampton Smoke Shop:

We are a Smoke/Head/Vape shop in business from mid 1800’s. In the initial years tobacco was the only product and was smoked in hand pipes. Tobacco smoking & smoking devices became more innovated as the counter culture rose in the 1960’s. Around the 1980’s plug in Vaporisers came into the market. Around 2008 Hookahs became popular in Canadian Market & by 2010 Portable Vaporisers captured the market. Around 2013 the Electronic Cigarettes came and later got mixed with vaporisers. We offer a wide range of Electronic Cigarette devices. In today’s ever-expanding E-Cigarette market, we certify the availability of anything new in the industry in our store.
Our historic Smoke shop is located in Brampton, Ontario but we do have active and satisfied customers from as far as Barrie, Brant, Bradford, Burlington, Cambridge, Guelph, Orangeville, Oakville, George town, Milton, Hamilton, Kitchener, Markham, Mississauga, Owen Sound, St. Catherine, Toronto, Vaughan and Waterloo. If you live in Dufferine, Durham, Halton, Oxford, Peel, Simcoe, Waterloo, York regions and are looking for smoking products, VAPE, eCigs or have smoking related questions, please feel free to contact The Wee Smoke Shop.